A Guide To Italian Style Kitchen Decor

A Guide To Italian Style Kitchen Decor

Article by Jeremy S. Abrahamson

Italian food and decor is famous worldwide, and there are many people who like to make them as part of their homes and kitchens. Little paint, few accessories and arrangement of furniture can easily give this look to any home. Good wine and cooking are basic to any Italian theme, and Italian style kitchen decor is very popular.

It is not difficult to find the items that complete the look of Italian style kitchen decor, and there are various paintings, wall art items, and other such things that can become a part of the kitchen to give it a real Italian feel.

Some Italian Style Kitchen Decor Ideas

Italian style kitchen decor combines the elements of traditional and modern elements, giving elegance and grace to the kitchen. The first thing to consider when opting for an Italian theme is the color scheme. This theme makes use of warm colors, and this look cannot be achieved by using white. Yellow, orange, green or red are more vibrant colors that must be used, as they give warm and comfortable feeling to the kitchen.

The Italian style kitchen decor can be completed by using Italian style potteries or pictures in the kitchen, and color scheme that accentuates the space. If budget is a constraint, consider visiting a local antique shop, where you might be able to buy some inexpensive Italian decoration pieces. Sometimes, its easy to get real good pieces in consignment stores and yard sales.

Before deciding the color and decoration for Italian style kitchen decor, consider the space available, and keep in mind that it is not necessary to fill up every nook and corner of the kitchen as it may make the space look cluttered. Leave some spaces untouched, and it will add more space to the kitchen. The key to a good Italian style kitchen decor is to create the atmosphere of warmth and invitation. For a complete look, keep the lights soft, and avoid the modern sleek patterns.

For Italian style kitchen decor, large wooden tables make a good choice as they provide a good seating space for gathering of families and friends. Add the accessories that are made of copper, wood, clay, brass or terra cotta. To brighten up the backsplashes, use brightly painted tiles. Italian style kitchen decor is quite different from coffee kitchen decor, which is also a popular choice these days.

This theme involves furnishing the kitchen in a way that gives the feel of a coffee house. Some of the items that can be added to the kitchen for this theme are vintage coffee tin cans, aged coffee mills, vintage coffee house signage, signage from coffee houses, vintage labels for various brands and so on.

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