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Unique Picture Frame Design and Décor Tips

Unique Picture Frame Design and Décor Tips

Article by Charles Kassotis

Most of us like to keep photographs of family, friends, and fun sitting around to remember those we love and the great times we’ve had. Although photo albums make a convenient place for storing the most special pictures that we want to preserve, our homes offer many alternative ways of displaying drawings, poems, decorations, and photos in attractive frame settings.

Determining where to place your framed pictures is one of the challenges involved with home decorating. On one hand, you don’t want to put up so many family pictures that guests get bored or feel that the host is self-centered. But on the other hand, family photos in individual or group shots can add a warm feeling to any room. The key is to strike a balance. Some families make a “wall of fame” display of loved ones’ photos in the family room, staircase wall, or another living space. Framed photos remind viewers that loved ones are special, and if they won’t be with us always, their images will remain for many years to come.

Another type of framed art that adds to a home’s beauty comes in a range of artistic wall hangings that are framed by coordinating frames of wood, acrylic, or metal. Typically, the frames will match household fixtures or furniture, or provide interest accent points for the rooms in which they appear. Delicate dried flowers, a child’s handprint, someone’s personal poem, or a favorite Bible verse make wonderful framed feature pieces for your home’s walls.

However, you need not restrict all your framed art for the walls only. You can set table framed pieces on the bedroom dresser, atop corner shelves, and even on the bathroom vanity. Coffee tables or end tables invite these special objects of interest, as do bookshelves, plant stands, and window sills. Kitchen counter space and dining room tables, when not in use, also provide great spots for cute curios. If you have collected several items over the years, you can get a lighted collector’s cabinet to keep the most attractive or recent on display for guests and family members alike.

If you are an arts-and-crafts kind of person, you can take a class on framing and learn to do it yourself. Then you can buy the materials on sale and put up any special wall piece that you want to preserve, whether it is a diploma, a watercolor, or a collage. You may even be able to sell your work at craft fairs. But if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always pay to have certain pieces framed by professionals who work with these materials all the time. You can get a simple picture frame, with backing, of course, for wall or table use. Or you can request a matte finish to add dimension and perspective to your art piece.

Don’t overlook this exciting way of putting your family’s heirlooms to work as home decorator pieces. Start shopping for attractive, functional frames.

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Patricia Coleman-Cobb , Doll Maker – African American, October Gallery

Patricia Coleman-Cobb , Doll Maker – African American, October Gallery Patricia Coleman-Cobb is the award-winning designer and creator of The Cobblestone Collection, a collection of handmade, sculpted, and soft sculptured figures. The collection also includes many other works of art including sculpted busts, framed art, and beautifully sculpted faces encased in exquisitely framed shadow boxes. Ms Coleman-Cobb has personally hand crafted each and every detail of her collection. You won’t help but be amazed at how soulful and expressive the characters in her artwork are. By simply looking at them, you will be able to imagine what they may be thinking, or feel their emotion. The collection has received an enthusiastic response from the public. Serious collectors from across the globe have collected these one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. The figures have won numerous prizes and awards over the years. Her work has also been featured in galleries, magazines, newspapers, books, traveling exhibits, and television. Ms Cobb has now added another title to her resume. She is the author of her first book, “Angels in the Mud”. This talented artist takes you on a soulful voyage intertwining her life and her art with a common thread. “Angels In The Mud” is a wonderful conversation piece and it would be a lovely addition to your coffee table collection. This is a 148-page book with pictures of Ms Cobb’s characters and stories about her life that caress the mind and soothe the
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Colorful Coffee Tables – Art for Living Room

Colorful Coffee Tables – Art for Living Room

Article by Daniel Spivey

Coffee Tables generally adore the sit out or living room in most of the homes around the world. Coffee tables made up of different materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic with variety of colors, shapes and sizes are available. Coffee tables can be oval, square, rectangular etc. Pie shaped coffee table looks nice when placed in a corner and this saves space too. Coffee tables can be purchased online also. A number online furniture stores offer coffee tables with description about the prize, weight, utility value, after sales service etc. It would be a awkward life Without a coffee table. It is very difficult to hold a hot cup of coffee without a coffee table. The invention of coffee table is only a natural extension of human nature. Coffee Table is a wonderful place to relax. A table to hold the hot coffee cups was first designed in 1868 and was named ‘coffee table’. Now the uses of coffee tables are well accustomed. With the increase of Coffee/Tea clubs, bars or shops the usage of coffee tables are also increased. Coffee Tables are a must to entertain the guests and the guests behave in the way expected with a nice coffee table before them.

A coffee table must be spacious to hold more magazines and a television remote. Of course, there are a number of modern coffee tables are available in the market and this really makes a statement in living room. A coffee table is functional as well as a conversation furniture. Some coffee tables have a colored glass fixed on the top surface and look very nice. Some coffee tables come out with attached nest tables. Modern coffee tables with variety of designs such as Big Cheese design, Ray and Charles Eames design are available in the market.

Coffee tables are an intricate part of our families. Coffee Tables represent the style, fashion and sense of pride. Coffee tables are versatile and convenient. A color glass fixed on top of coffee table provides additional elegance. Coffee Tables with Aluminum legs, wooden legs is simply superb. Glass top coffee tables are easy to clean and it is also fancy. Glass top coffee tables are durable and are difficult to break. Contemporary coffee tables made up of hardwoods, aluminum definitely fit the desired decor. The early coffee club was opened in London in 1652.

Modular coffee tables can be used as end tables. Modern coffee tables are not only a decorative accent, but a functional piece of furniture. Coffee Tables must blend with other home furniture so the right type of coffee tables can be selected. Wooden coffee tables to match with other wood furniture or iron coffee table to match other similar furniture etc. Coffee Tables must be light weighted and portable. Coffee table brings the living room together. Coffee tables can serve as small dining table, a drink holder and a place for day to day books and magazines. Coffee Tables can add s splash of color and style to home. Coffee Tables with marble top fixed is also looks nice.

Coffee table is generally a small low sitting table and a central piece of furniture in waiting room, lounge or living room. Normally the selection of coffee table matches the existing interior decor. Glass top Coffee tables combined with stainless steel or chromed frame is an added elegance and modern feel to the waiting or living room. The role of coffee table was barely acknowledged in the midst of heavy furniture. A coffee table can be bought after considering the size, type and style of coffee table. Traditional coffee tables are made up of wood. Contemporary coffee tables are better designed with different materials. Coffee table must be right sized to match the sofa.

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