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Article by Martha Bloom

If you are looking to liven up your living space, or completely start from scratch, wall decals are a top-notch choice. They are inexpensive, mess free and come in variety of colors and shapes.

Convert plain white walls into a decorative piece, by utilizing animal shapes for that jungle-feel. You can go all out with zebra-printed pillows for the couch and lounge chair, and adorn your coffee table with animal brass statues. Enjoy your jungle-themed living room with animal vinyl wall decals as they parade across the wall.

It is true; we spend most of our time in an office or cubical space, grinding away at work. Not truly our space, but with wall decals, you can apply them and remove them with ease. Add a splash of color with fun shapes like hexagons circles and/or squares pleasing designs. Maintain professionalism with these decals, but also add your own unique flair.

Additionally, vinyl wall decals can be used to decorate other items. They stick to virtually anything like wood, plastic and glass. The kids will have a great time decorating their school lockers or skateboards.

Speaking of glass, imagine how beautiful the sliding glass door leading to the backyard would look with a fun “surf’s up” motif? Create this beach-inspired theme with native hibiscus flowers and fun “woodies” adorned with surf boards. These wall decals come in stunning colors to satisfy any canvas.

If you have a game room or music room in your house, there are attractive guitars or bass guitars wall decals to decorate your space. Additionally, you can purchase star or skull vinyl decals to accompany the design for a cool rock star feel.

You can satisfy your kids with attractive wall decals for their bedroom. Appeasing, in many youthful shapes like butterflies, flowers, numbers, fire trucks, flying machines and army men, these are perfect for room decorate. Because they are so easy to apply, you can spend quality time with your children while you assist them in decorating their room.

A favorite of small children is the caterpillar wall decals. With a sweet and fun face, the caterpillar dresses up any play room, or even be applied to a wood floor leading to your child’s bedroom. You can purchase many to create an extra long body that will move across any wall.

For a dreamlike space for book reading, the cloud wall decals are light and fluffy. Let your imagination run wild in this space. You can also add other vinyl wall decals like flowers to enhance this theme.

With a variety of color and shapes, anyone can create their own theme. Inexpensively, you can transform rooms and furniture in less than an hour for a refreshing change. Wall decals are a perfect choice for your interior designing needs.

About the Author

Martha Bloom is a professional interior designer, as well as creative writer for many interior design oriented websites and blogs. She focuses on simple DIY design solutions that can help save her clients both time and money. Wall decals are among some of the products Martha typically will suggest to clients who are working on a budget.

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