Coffee Franchises

Coffee Franchises

Article by Colin B. Cooper

Could coffee franchises perk up the economy the same way that they have been perking up people’s mornings? Maybe they can, but why don’t we focus on what these lucrative business offerings have been doing for the economic health of individuals. In the past couple of years franchising has experienced an nice growth spurt. In part, this growth has been the result of people having to find other ways to make money, but for the most part it can be traced to a lack of faith.

Since 2008, banks have found it increasingly harder to loan even the largest of companies any money for their day-to-day operations and expansion is something that the large companies themselves aren’t willing to considering. Almost everyone is sitting on their hands, waiting to see how the government will fix all of the economic problems. This ‘cooling off period” which has meant a decline in the availability of institutional funds to most businesses has been offset however. In part, private investors have taken up the slack and they are reaping the rewards of franchising. Not to be outdone by any other industry, coffee franchises are riding this vary same wave of posterity.

Coffee franchises are providing that all-important pick-me-up that so many people crave each and every morning. Offering a wide variety of brews to suit very discerning palettes, even the smaller coffee franchises are making their way into niche markets that have either been ignored or overlooked by the larger chains. What this means to an investor with a limited amount of capital is an opportunity to get into a market that has grown exponentially over the years and shows no sign of slowing down.

Coffee franchises, once established, are easily operated and easily maintained, because their primary product is freeze dried and all other raw materials utilized have tremendous shelf life. Things like cups and stirrers, napkins and even sugar all stay fresh for relatively long periods of time. And, it isn’t as if coffee is a trend that lacks staying power: People have been drinking coffee all over the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Before the 1500s coffee was dubbed the ‘wine of Islam’ because of its popularity throughout the Arab world. Today, it’s simply the beverage of choice for millions around the globe, who enjoy it throughout their day.

So, when looking for that right investment, consider coffee franchises, which have provided fresh starts to some people’s mornings and fresh starts to other people’s lives.

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