Critically Analyze the Brand Strength and Perception of Café Coffee Day

Critically Analyze the Brand Strength and Perception of Café Coffee Day

Article by vaAnkur Handoo


The purpose of this report is to literally act as a window to the project undertaken as a part of the Dissertation with the company “Café Coffee Day”. It was a great learning experience of all professional, managerial as well as behavioural skills which should be present in a manager for being successful in the field of management. The main objective of the project undertaken is to:”Critically analyze the brand strength and perception of Café Coffee Day.”

Specific objectives:

* To understand cafe retail market and cafe coffee day’s position.

* To understand the marketing mix of cafe coffee day.

* Factors influencing the strength of cafe coffee day.

* To study the consumer perception of cafe coffee day.

Each of the above mentioned objectives required a marketing survey in order to diagnose the various parameters that are in fact essential to transform the project to a coherent body. The data collected was through primary means by questionnaire and feedback through personal interviews with the existing customers. The secondary data includes the information gathered from existing records available with the company. The information was then compiled and analyzed. Through the survey it was found that that almost all the customers were satisfied with the services but some of the customers complained about the higher cost.


Areas of excellence:

1. Highly rated Taste & Quality of products:

Café Coffee Day got a high rating in the market survey, for the Taste & Quality of their products. If they work on this aspect, there is huge potential for them to attract customers, just based on the taste and quality of products. This is also helped by the fact that they grow their own coffee beans, and this provides an important base for future expansion and growth. Café Coffee Day even won the “Barista Coffee- Making Championship” for the Best Coffee.

2. Value for money proposition:

Café Coffee Day is projected as an “affordable” brand. This strategy has worked extremely well so far, and Café Coffee Day got a high rating, both for their prices and for their value for money, in the market survey.

3. Strong youth orientation:

The Café Coffee Day brand is, and always has been, extremely youth- oriented. In a country where over 40% of the population is under the age of 20, there is huge potential for Café Coffee Day to become one of the country’s largest youth brands. The untapped market share and potential for growth is enormous.

Areas of improvement:

1. Weak brand image:

The Café Coffee Day brand, although clearly a youth- oriented brand, lacks the power and strength expected to maintain brand loyalty. The brand doesn’t project a clear image to customers about what Café Coffee Day is all about. This could prove as a deterrent during future national and international expansion.

2. Inefficient human resources:

According to the market survey, Café Coffee Day’s staff received only an average rating for their behavior and service. Café Coffee Day needs to work hard at this aspect, especially considering they are a service sector organization that is looking at large expansion.

3. Ambience & Décor:

The Ambience & Décor of Café Coffee Day outlets received a below- average rating from respondents of the market survey. A lot of respondents did not like the fact that Café Coffee Day outlets and literature served as prime space for a lot of advertising and promotions. They felt as if the café’s had been hijacked just for advertising.

Recommendations– Café Coffee Day has done extremely well so far to project itself as an affordable youth- oriented brand. But there are still certain areas where their brand needs to be much stronger.- With regard to the physical evidence associated with the brand, Café Coffee Day needs to do a lot of work. My first recommendation for Café Coffee Day is to clean up the décor at every outlet, wherever unnecessary advertising is taking place.- Café Coffee Day would do better to provide promotional space for its partners with the use of clever collaborations, and not printed advertisements and posters everywhere.- My second recommendation is that Café Coffee Day looks at its current recruitment, selection and most importantly, its current training policies.- Customers are not happy with the behavior and service of the staff, and Café Coffee Day is lagging far behind Barista is this aspect.

About the Author

The above article was extracted from dissertations by the students of Skyline College. Skyline College is amongst the top MBA and BBA institutes in Delhi, Gurgaon (NCR)