Decorator Suggestions For Using Wall Grilles In Home Decor

Decorator Suggestions For Using Wall Grilles In Home Decor

Article by Elizabeth Carter

In today’s world, folks are more creative when designing and styling their homes. A higher price tag on a particular accessory or design element does not necessarily equate to a more interesting or amazing piece.

People no longer feel that a particular item is limited in its use; items are now used for different purposes in home decor. Now, doors are being used as coffee tables, indoor furniture is being placed outdoors and outdoor elements are being used indoors.

One big example of this creativity among people is the use of wall grilles in their homes. Wall grilles are typically designed from metals, such as wrought iron. They are available in different shapes, sizes and style. Previously, wall grilles have been mainly associated with the outdoors or were found only in castles and large mansions.

At the present, more homeowners are unearthing the benefits of having wall grilles in their homes as an unique piece of modern wall art. Since most wall grilles are made without touching or changing the metal’s original color, one is able to add elegance without committing to a specific color when using wall grilles in their homes.

When it comes to style, these highly decorative works of art are adaptable. They are available in different styles and designs. There are many choices in wall grilles for every style from traditional to contemporary.

Since these are made from iron or metal they are very durable that is why it was originally used as an outdoor piece. It can also withstand almost any weather condition without receiving major damages. Wall grilles are great focal point to any room. There are large sizes or medium size grilles that can serve this purpose very well. It is no small wonder that a wall grille quickly becomes a focal point in a room as many of them are ornately designed.

Aside from it being very versatile, it is also very practical and useful. Although some uses these metal arts as a design piece in itself, some are able to maximize its use. One can utilize it as an eye-catching coat hanger to position by the main door. A smaller sized one can be used as a key holder.

Another interesting way to utilize a wall grille is to use it as part of window treatment. It is a creative way to bring design to your windows without making it too heavy. It can also be coupled with both heavy and light curtain fabrics. To give emphasis on other art pieces like a painting or silver metal wall sculptures, one can use grilles as a frame. As another advantage, this allows you the freedom to switch out the art’s frame. Using it as a frame is a good way to bring style, without commitment, to another accessory or art.

With the different accessories and art pieces available today it can be a little daunting to decide which one to choose. A simple room can be turned into an elegant and comfortable space with a bit of creativity and inspiration.

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