Duo Coffee

Duo Coffee

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Blue and white in the creative cafe Duo Coffee

Duo coffee, one located in the alley, blue and white in the creative cafe. The paint from the outer room to the house colors are blue and white, Mediterranean-style flavor to make it easy to stand out, not easy to miss.

Cafe on the shelf left hand side of the door stood a lot of Lomo cameras and a variety of lovely dolls. Blue and white is still the main store, decorated warm and lovely. , Cottage faces south, the sun was very good, sitting in the shop, the sun fell upon the soft, cozy comfort. Store hanging illustrations, literary temperament diffuse it.

Cafe middle of a lot of take-away on the shelves of various tea and coffee. Duo coffee drink is the most recommended Royal tea, Diana afternoon tea, high tea incense series, have the opportunity to try, really hard to drink in Beijing so pure taste. Duo is also equipped with coffee and cocktails on the good red wine, red wine into a special channel, the absolute imported wine; cocktail is special tone own style. There are many health tea for girls, affordable, as well as flavor and strawberry flavored cookies.

The owner of a literary temperament also often engage in some range of children’s art activities. Such as the recent activities of the guests all came with their portable “equipment”, pictures of games in the store. Can not fail to mention the most active molecules in the shop, a cat named Bud bud, sticky sweet.

Floating Coffee Floating Coffee

Simple decoration, the door is the Western Wall, the most striking aspect of the blackboard hanging above the chalk with a colorful record of the guests emotions. Corridor stood a Harley unknown, perhaps it was the boss’s car. Here are like the people here, like the character and atmosphere. Enough people who meet by chance and chat a while playing cards, playing games or very bad to kill a popular.

Enjoy time More

foot of the coffee

The store’s name to obtain very special, originally in the Bell Tower and Drum Tower at the foot of the coffee shop, after briefly became the foot of the coffee. The door stood a table football, dart board and the style of wall painting unknown. Next to the stairs to the roof on the roof. Because the early spring of reasons, not go home, but standing on the rooftop Nenggou looking south tower, Kitami clock tower, bell tower a single Lan good scenery.

Jiang into wine

A small Live house, the quaint store with a strong national style decoration. Small performance stage, the device is very full, and the Foolish Old Man, mao Live house such as size compared to a little something to the taste of commercial propaganda and exaggeration. Drinks are cheap, ten to twenty dollars. Front bench piled high, presumably to sold-out stand and watch when the show will not let you. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit tibet tours for details. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please check tibet tour for details.

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