Encourage Coffee Shop Patronage through Delectable Posters

Encourage Coffee Shop Patronage through Delectable Posters

Article by Sarie San Pablo

Printing delectable posters is an effective way of encouraging patronage of your coffee shop. You can use pictures of what is in your menu in the form of a collage to attract would be customers to visit your coffee shop. Additionally, you can include other services offered by your coffee shop like catering, hosting events or similar occurrences. What are the benefits of using posters in promoting your coffee shop? Below are some of the known benefits of poster printing.

5 Benefits of Poster Printing for Coffee Shops

1. Visibility. Poster printing is no doubt on top of every marketer’s list as far as visibility is concerned. Due to its size, posters at a distance can easily be seen. Online printing companies’ standard sizing for posters is 8.5 x 11. However, they also accept job orders for customized sizes up to as large as 27 x 39. Printing copies are at a minimum of 50 – 250 for digitally printed and for orders above 250, offset printing is widely used.

2. Sturdiness. Online printing companies usually use a glossy or matted 10 pt. card stock or 100 lb paper. As such, durability is expected of posters. Posters can prove to be resistant over time and is more resistant to variety of elements than ordinary paper stock.

3. Informational. Because of the minimum size of a poster, larger space is given for both text and pictures, thus, giving ample space for more information. Business owners chose posters to give them leeway in informing their target market of their range of services and contact details. Similarly, coffee shops can include other information they offer aside from the basic information they would want their customers to know.

4. Economical. In general, poster printing is economical. With ample space available for all the information, your coffee shop wants to convey, printing a few would be enough to promote your shop. Online printing companies accept orders for as low as 50.

5. Ease of Use. For visibility purposes, posters can be easily distributed and posted in various locations like your local bookstore, clubhouse, schools, malls or even churches information board. Additionally, posters can also be placed in bus stops or similar locations where crowds converge.

Poster printing would surely encourage your target market to try out what your coffee shop has to offer. With the five benefits enumerated, you can never go wrong when you decide to use poster printing to promote your coffee shop.

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