Julius Meinl is Vienna’s Pioneer Coffee Roaster

Julius Meinl is Vienna’s Pioneer Coffee Roaster

Article by Johanna Nighton

Coffee is a popular drink in Vienna. In fact, the city boasts of numerous coffee houses old and new where people can entertain themselves while sipping their favorite mix of coffee.

If Vienna is famous for its coffee houses and variety of coffee drinks, then it should have a great source of the processed ingredients. One of these is Julius Meinl, which specializes in roasted coffee.

Established way back in 1862, the Julius Meinl store initially sold green coffee. Eventually, it specialized in roasting green coffee beans. The owner then pioneered in selling freshly roasted high quality coffee.

It was later in 1891 when Julius Meinl started a coffee roasting plant. By 1918, the company expanded its stores and its products to cover general food retailing in Central Europe and by 1939, there were already more than 1,000 franchise stores in existence.

When Austria became part of the European Union in 1995, the Meinl group decided to go back to offering its original product which is coffee. Right now, it is considered the leading supplier not only of coffees but as well as teas, jams and other fine food and with attractive packaging to boot. A Julius Meinl gourmet store is now in place in Vienna’s city center still carrying the original coffee logo that speaks of quality and excellence.

The Julius Meinl group is also online today and can be found at http://www.meinl.com. For the convenience of its loyal customers, the online store sells coffee, teas, fruit preserves, chocolates, posters, accessories including cups and provides information about the early beginnings and progress of the Meinl company.

If you’re heading to Vienna sometime soon, why not drop by the Julius Meinl Store on Vienna’s Graben shopping street and find out for yourself how popular and great tasting its coffee is. You can buy some of their products then to bring home to friends and loved ones.

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Johanna Nighton is a travel writer for several websites, for example the Vienna Guide on Vienna.net.