Starting A Coffee Shop

Starting A Coffee Shop

Article by Gabriel Adams

Coffee is one of the fastest growing industries, and high class coffee shops are proof. Who would have thought that millions of people would go out of their way to spend on one cup of coffee each? But they do, and they do it every day! Clearly, starting up your own coffee shop could be just the money maker you’ve been dreaming of!

Reasons to Start a Coffee Shop

The first thing you want to do is make sure that starting a coffee shop is a venture you are not only willing to follow through on setting up, but also one that will bring you happiness for years to come. If you’ve dreamed of owning your own business, sit down and brainstorm about the many types of businesses you could open. Let the final decision be driven by your passions in life as well as your belief that you can succeed with your chosen niche.

Some of the advantages of starting a coffee shop include:

* A warm, friendly environment* Meeting interesting people, a culture cross-section* Coffee shops are increasingly popular* “Free” coffee any time you want it!* A relaxed atmosphere with customers usually in good spirits

Planning and Preparation

Now that you’ve concluded that a coffee shop is the type of business you’d like to start up, you’ll need to keep in mind that (just as is true with any business) a lot of planning and preparation must be done before your grand opening!

You must:

* Make sure you are financially ready* Apply for a business license* Apply for a small business loan* Register your business name with the trademark office* Hire a staff for building and designing the shop* Hire a staff for running the shop* Project how much you expect to make

Calculate what you’ll need:

* Daily supplies* Equipment* Building and furnishings* Advertising and marketing* Staffing

You Should Build Your Shop:

* In a high income district/area for better profits* In an area where competition is scarce* In a location that is easy to find (in a busy area, like a plaza, mall, mini-mall or main business strip)NOTE: Do your research before you choose where to build!


Just because you might not have a lot of money to invest, does not mean you cannot get started. Just keep in mind that follow-through and caution are very important. You must sit down and be realistic about how much everything is going to cost you, and be sure that you get a loan that will cover you enough to get your shop off the ground.

Once you’ve calculated this, bear in mind that you’ll need to pay off the loan (assuming you didn’t already have the money in the bank to get started). Being realistic is worth stressing again!

Some things you can do to save money include:

* Choosing a small shop to start with, and relocate once you grow* Getting a great deal on the lease* Getting an inexpensive, low interest rate mortgage on a small property instead of a lease* Buying an existing shop with equipment pre-included* Buying supplies in bulk* Have one or more business partners and investors* Look into government grants, tax breaks and so on, for small business start-ups* Instead of hiring an advertising agency, consider having a business partner manage your marketing* Have business sign & wall artwork designed by art students at a local college or university

Be Ready for a Slow Start

It’s important to remember that when you begin, profits may be dismal. It will be a struggle until the branding resulting from your proper marketing strategies begins to kick into full force. With that in mind, start with a smaller staff, fewer supplies–and fewer bells and whistles. Once things pick up, you will see an excellent return on your investment if you planned properly.

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