The 7 things you must know about the Art of colouring your home

The 7 things you must know about the Art of colouring your home

Article by Karlee Boucher

Your home is your sanctuary. It is a place where you can come home to recharge your batteries after a stressful day at work.

The colours in your home can also reflect your moods in everyday life it is the same principle as your working environment.

1 The art of colour matching: Did you know:-Every colour has an emotional association and each of us are drawn to shades of the various colours that most resemble or reflect our own out look on life, this is also known as our personal colour profile.

Exploring the wonderful opportunities available to capture different moods and feelings, using colour that reflects your personal inspiration.

Here are some examples:

2 Rustic Charm / Urban Stone /BrownsThe crusty top on a perfectly baked loaf of bread, smooth pebbles on the bottom of a creek bed, an overcast sky about to storm, driftwood washed up on a beach, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

3 Bewitching Blues/Ocean Beads/Water BeadsThe sweet taste of blueberries, your favourite pair of blue denim jeans, relaxing on your back staring into the big blue sky, warm crystal blue water lapping at your feet, those tiny blue flowers…… you’ve forgotten there name those fragrance liners.

4 Ravishing Reds/Ruby StarChillies, blood red and red hot, exotic aromas that arouse the senses, sumptuous cut velvets, silky taffetas jewel like mosaics, sweet strawberries and pink champagne, forbidden fruits lead us to temptation, scented candles….. a celebration of live and love.

5 Winter Dawn/Dreamy WhitesThe first light, still, hushed, tranquil a quiet place to think and reflect freshly washed sheets blowing in the breeze, snow flakes gently falling, pearlised glass, translucent porcelain, a blank canvas…… a masterpiece awaits, soft sweet marshmallows.

6 Forest Garden/Tropical Oasis GreensMoss covered rocks in a deep dark forest, the coolness of a tropical rain forest, the very first leaves of spring, the smell of freshly cut grass a ripe avocado in a fresh garden salad, a juicy green apple.

7 Desert Spice/Mandarin Crush OrangeThe breathtaking beauty of an orange sunset, the contrasting moods of the Red Centre, Autumn leaves rustling under your feet, the exotic aroma of saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon that giant Mexican terracotta pot you had to leave behind, that fresh tasting orange that bursts to life when you take that first bite.

When choosing paint, keep in mind that the lighter colour will make your place look bigger, an important consideration if you live in a tiny apartment. By the same token, a darker colour can make a room feel more closed in, although one wall in a darker shade can have a focusing effect. If going with a lighter colour, you don’t have to stick with the usual white on white. Softer shades are definitely and option, especially tans and mocha or cappuccino, light grey-blue and sage green. Stay away from pinkish toned pastels it can be over bearing some times. Also stay away from patterned wallpaper, which has the leaning to overpower small spaces.

Concept of the home is also changing with the changing mindset of people. They don’t just want to spend their time in the house but they want to live every part of it. Creating an environment that you’re always want around you is the main aim of interior decorating.

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