Wall Art For Every Taste And Budget

Wall Art For Every Taste And Budget

Article by Gray Hamilton

Decorating a home, apartment or condo will include wall art for nearly anyone. Even a simple dorm room can benefit from the home-like note of landscape paintings, posters, or other decorative hangings. Wall art can be flat posters, elaborately framed prints and paintings, weavings, tapestries and other crafts, but prints are probably the most common form.

Prints or reproductions of fine paintings make great wall art within the reach of nearly every budget. Unframed prints can cost as little as a dollar and poster prints are sometimes hung unframed using special adhesives or even thumbtacks. Some are of such high quality that they may be mistaken for the “real thing” when seen in a nice frame.

Giclee is a type of print that, despite its cost, will give very good results. Very exact reproductions can be made using this unique print process and almost any type of medium can be used. At canvas, poster paper – almost anything can be used to make the print. It is difficult to distinguish a giclee print on canvas from the real thing.

There are many giclee print galleries on the internet that specialize in this kind of wall art. They have many works from which you can choose, in any style or subject. Available paintings range from very inexpensive pieces to costly renditions on fine canvas by famous artists. Many of the more expensive works will appreciate in value, just like the original paintings do.

Identifying items you can afford should not be difficult. Unless you are searching for an investment vehicle, what is important is whether you like the art and it fits your living space, not what you paid for it nor its place of origin. Resale shops stock many paintings and prints that already include frames and charge budget prices. Sometimes unique or rare paintings may also be found at these shops.

Bookstores can be used as an additional cheap source of wall art. Often times they will sell prints and posters but coffee table books provide the cheapest way to get wall art. They don’t cost a lot and one can simply remove the pictures and frame them. The picture quality in the books is good and so they will look excellent when framed.

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When looking to decorate a room, the most common way to brighten up your wall space is to add wall art in the form of posters or prints. When looking to give a high class look, you can often find suitable fine art prints which can be framed to fool the casual viewer.