Wall Stickers: An Easy Way to Add Inject 2011 Colours Into Your Home

Wall Stickers: An Easy Way to Add Inject 2011 Colours Into Your Home

The trend forecasters have been busy again. Apparently (according to Enlighten) there are 3 fab new looks for our homes for Spring or Summer 2011. Unless you were planning a major redecoration you need simple ways of injecting these trends and we have the perfect solution; the wall stickers!

The first of the new looks has been named Aspire. Inspired by the mysticism of India and the Middle East this includes colours such as regal purples combined with earthy tones; dark orange and juicy lime greens partnered with soft grey. Using nature inspired wall decals is an easy wall to bring these colours and styles into your home. Why not try a Grey Urban Forest with Lime Green birds? Add some vivid cushions on a neutral sofa and some new lampshades inspired by the Raj and your room is instantly updated.

The second trend is called Unity, inspired by Victoriana and the military look. So cricket-ball red with light blue and military green plus dusty pink chintz and a vivid Claret tone. Why not try a Stag’s head wall sticker in cardinal red combined with some green Royal Guards for a touch of this old-fashioned English eccentricity?

Finally, the third look has been named Espial (the act of spying upon; secret observation). This reminds me of a Grahame Green novel; vintage suitcases, tones of bitter coffee and old parchment with accents of orange and peacock blue. Some chocolate brown winter trees with an Orange Open Window would be wonderful for this style. To finish the look always think of updating your cushions and adding accessories such as blue coloured glass or maybe a beautiful Moroccan pouf.

Remember the great thing about wall stickers is they can be easily removed. Who knows what the new trends will be in 2012!

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